Mortgage Calculator

Before shopping for a home, it's a good idea to determine how much of a loan you can afford. The mortgage calculator below computes your monthly house payment based on the loan amount, interest rate, and loan period.

Enter the amount that you wish to borrow, the term of the loan in years, and the interest rate. Click the Calculate button to calculate your rate or the Reset button to clear the entered values.

Loan Amount
Loan Length in Years
Interest Rate
Monthly Payment

Please enter only numeric values (no commas), using decimal points where needed. Non-numeric values will cause errors.

Fraction key:
1/8 = 0.125
1/4 = 0.25
3/8 = 0.375
1/2 = 0.5
5/8 = 0.625
3/4 = 0.75
7/8 = 0.875

The results of this loan payment calculator are for comparison purposes only. They will be a close approximation of actual loan payment amounts available from a lending institution at the terms specified, but are not guaranteed to be precise.